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Who are the rabble of pisshead football fans really defending?

The only good thing about the EDL mobs is that they help widen a crack in the system. Then again, you can say that about the anti-Semitism of the “British” Moslems themselves.

English Defence League & “Counter-Jihad” Exposed
Åke Blomdahl


“In many countries in Europe opposition to mass immigration is growing, and several nationalist parties have won spots in democratic assemblies. In many cases these so-called nationalist parties have distinguished themselves as highly critical of Muslim immigration and Islamization, while calling themselves “anti-racists” and saying they accept immigration if the migrants adapt themselves to the European host nations’ cultures. The latest development is the so-called “Counter Jihad” movement, with grassroots organizations like the English Defence League, which brings together thousands of young people in spectacular, aggressive demonstrations against Islamization.

In parallel with this, older nationalist parties are demonized and attacked through infiltration and the spreading of rumors. In many places, competing “nationalist” parties have emerged. In England, the British Freedom Party has grown at the British National Party’s expense. In Belgium, the New Flemish Alliance (NVA) has grown at the expense of the Vlaams Belang.

Common to all the new parties is cultural nationalism, aggressive anti-Islamism, and strong support for Israel’s and America’s most aggressive Zionist forces.

We are not lovers of Muslim immigration and Islamization, but there would be major problems with mass immigration even if not a single Muslim came.

What’s going on?”


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