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I don’t usually frequent forums but today by chance I encountered a great post in a thread on My Posting Career, that I thought illustrates the present fusion of Red State and Blue State values in America and elsewhere, for similar changes in attitudes are also taking place in the UK right now. I can’t tell the difference between a self described leftist in Parliament and a member of our ‘Conservative’ party such as David Cameron or Boris Jonsson.

Besides my own social background and distaste for the effects individualism has upon society at large, this kind of observation is why I’m a ‘right wing socialist’. Though I don’t believe in the abstract class war theories of thinkers like Marx and Engels, I find it impossible not to think in terms of class. There is a good reason for doing so, as the same parts of the brain are involved when we judge others by class as by race because Social Identity Theory (SIT) applies not only to race or ethnicity, but also to things like social class and religion.

When elite whites see nonelite whites as the ‘other’, whether it is the demonisation of the hillbillies and rednecks or the condescending attitude described below, it would be disastrous not to treat them likewise. As with any outsiders we need clear thinking and game theory when dealing with them.

“Exactly like the left’s romanticization of vibrants and poors. Lots of leftists know that, according to their own story, they’re the bad guys: white, well off, intelligent and privileged, so they project all sort of noble attributes on the others and even engage in self-loathing, e.g. checking their privilege and praising niggers for their dicks.

Likewise, many conservatives are aware that their lives are not that different from those of nihilistic, deracinated urban dwellers. Thus, dysfunctional meth addicted hicks somehow become country gentlemen.”


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This bizarre and all-round disturbing news item demonstrates pretty well what some observers have described as the marriage of Red State and Blue State values is America and the wider Anglosphere. Whilst the hypocrisies of the mainstream political left are causing them to fall apart from within, the values most commonly associated with either liberals or conservatives (Democrats or Republicans) become mixed together as novel combinations, although the divide between white elites and nonelites nonetheless remains.

Although in fairness neither the choicetards nor the pro-family people see this sick shit as desirable, it’s still nonetheless the outcome of their own stupidities – I can’t help but notice that parental authority here leads to a moral justification of abortion, because the value system of parents raised in a pig system conditioned them to see abortion as an acceptable solution to a problem. And also that in a feminist society of gender equality in work and education, where parents tend to treat their daughters like sons (in terms of expectations), abortion is used to prevent and discourage motherhood – as if we didn’t realise that much already. The parents who oppose their daughter’s pregnancy at the age of 16 would nonetheless prefer her to pursue a career, till her contributions to society leave her both single and childless at the age of 40, and trying in vain to grow a brat on a petri dish.

Among our urban elites of anti-white leftists and metropolitan ‘conservatives’, Cultural Marxist innovations such as pro-choice and gay marriage are actually becoming fused to parental over-investment and self-righteous judgments against people such as single mothers or young parents – a combination that makes a lot of sense given the left’s own moralising tendencies – and also preserving the trappings of a formerly healthy culture, now that they have of course safely perverted them into something toxic. For example, now that legal marriage is nothing but a feminist means to control men,its not surprising that urban whites are now increasingly supportive of marriage (especially for homosexuals of course). And of course its the same phenomenon with the idea of pressuring your kids to get good grades in some politically hijacked institution. Why would anyone want their kids to do that, except to have them take part in a corrupt society?

Pregnant teen sues parents over abortion
Courtney Zavala

In case your wondering why metropolitan people think the way they do, this link might be of interest.

Unequal Genes: A Review Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life
Richard Hoste

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Sometimes I find a piece online that isn’t so much interesting in itself but for what it tells you about the ‘sense of life’ of its authors and of the people leaving comments.

I’m not going to bother going into all the reasons why the American ‘right to life’ movement, with its ties to liberation theology, is as rooted in American liberalism as it is in conservatism because the information about the history of their movement is found throughout the web – especially in the manosphere. But in parallel there exists a similar but anti-populist trend, in which urban liberal concepts such as abortion rights get fused to an absurd and traditionally Christian kind of moral prudery.

So as usual, here’s my own comment to astound you all with my insight.

Did the Pro-Life Movement Lead to More Single Moms?
Naomi Cahn and June Carbone


“Unmarried parenthood in itself is not a social problem, just as teen motherhood is not a problem. Though they are both associated with problems in some contexts, there is no such association in others, ergo they aren’t problems in themselves.

Through most of human history, children were left without fathers by higher rates of male mortality – obviously, if humans evolved in such circumstances and existed in such a state for centuries, human evolution naturally enabled children to grow up without a ‘man about the house’.

‘Right to lifers’, who deviate from more traditional anti-abortion positions to abase themselves before all women – despite what feminists claim, the ‘religious right’ never mention the psychological harm abortion often causes to men, whilst stressing how regretful women are themselves ‘victims’ and downplaying their role in their own, purposeful, reproductive decisions as females. In effect the right to lifers actually represent the marriage of Red State and Blue State values, and so does this article by blending Planned Parenthood propaganda with the kind of kneejerk and ill-reasoned prudery against single mothers that could have come from a creationist.

Ultimately what we’re seeing, and despite the issue of whether minorities have a disproportionate number of abortions, is a division between whites – less fortunate whites are hated on for our morals whether its sneering down at our ‘culturally Christian’ views on abortion, or condemning us for our rates of illegitimacy. Tied in with this is a wider cultural trend in which culture seen as implicitly conservative or white or Christian by urban elites, such as cousin marriage and early sex, are condemned whilst urban-originated concepts such as homosexual marriage and hookup sex are actively championed by the very same people.

Up is down and down is up. And though there is a trend towards the blending of red State and Blue State values in America, the class division still clearly stands whilst the memes themselves hybridise and mutate in a shifting climate.”

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