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One of the things about the internet is its a gateway into strange worlds and perspectives you never believed existed. One such site is Jezebel, a world of bizarre feminist opinions that actually seems like a parody of feminism rather than a real feminist site.

Take for example this piece, about one of my favourite subjects to blog about – abortion. I’m not sure this far-out piece is actually for real, but still, I left a cracking comment as usual because there are ‘liberated’ urban females who really, actually do think that that, even if they aren’t so up front about it. I left the comment below is left as a response to the sentence – “One of the perks (well, side effects) of writing publicly and frequently about how women should be able to control what happens inside their own skin is that every time a friend gets knocked up and wants to end her pregnancy, she ends up confiding in me, a person she knows will not tell her she’s going to hell for choosing abortion.”

Have fun…

What’s the Best Age to Have an Abortion?
Erin Gloria Ryan

“Really? Cause where I’m from, only druggies and alcies have abortions and anyone who does so is seen as a slag. (Then again working class British females aren’t brainwashed by university and urban lifestyles.) And most females somehow manage not to have undesirable pregnancies in the first place.

Drug addicts, alcoholics, ‘liberated’ women with penis envy who no man wants when they’re still single at age 40… people no one wants to breed in the first place.

People behave as though the public believes in values like ‘reproductive rights’ when they express support for abortion, but as we see from the popularity of Freakonomics, that’s not the reason why.

In real life people only support abortion in the hope that life’s shit will flush itself away.”


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