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Oh look its the Holocau$t card, as nations around the world are forbidden to enact the same kind of ethnocentric policies which Israel takes for granted.

Jewish leaders call for ban on Greek nationalism; Greek PM promises law against questioning the “Holocaust”

“Antonis Samaras, traitor and current Prime Minister of Greece, promised Jewish leaders that he would introduce a new law to prevent parties which question the “Holocaust” from running for parliament in Greece.”

“WJC President Lauder called upon the Greek parliament to outlaw the Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn.”


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A great comment was posted by ‘tadzio308’ over on AltRight.

“The only way Fr. Coughlin can be called antisemitic is to invoke the MSM [mainstream media, liberals] theory of Jewish Privilege which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with any outsized Jewish presence in the news media or the entertainment industry. If you suggest such a thing you are an antisemite unless, of course, you are a Jew boasting about it. That is OK. Same facts, different result.

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