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Oh look its the Holocau$t card, as nations around the world are forbidden to enact the same kind of ethnocentric policies which Israel takes for granted.

Jewish leaders call for ban on Greek nationalism; Greek PM promises law against questioning the “Holocaust”

“Antonis Samaras, traitor and current Prime Minister of Greece, promised Jewish leaders that he would introduce a new law to prevent parties which question the “Holocaust” from running for parliament in Greece.”

“WJC President Lauder called upon the Greek parliament to outlaw the Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn.”

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The left bitch about clinic bombings, Fred Phelps and the potential threat of domestic terrorism by racially aware whites. But yet the media never reports upon acts of domestic terrorism by leftist fanatics acting in the name of respectable causes such as anti-racism. Sure you’ll find negative press for people like anarchists or the Baader Meinhoff gang or animal rights activists, but never anything naming the ‘good guys’, acting explicitly in the name of liberal single-issue causes, as what they really are.

Explosion in a Golden Dawn office

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How many times have you heard others defend the morality of their actions by claiming they were within the law? Perhaps we should remember we didn’t write the law ourselves and that, for those smart enough or wealthy enough to employ the services of those ‘in the know’ – those in certain professions – there is no end to the possible ‘interpretations’ of the law once people take its word literally instead of thinking ‘why’. (Doesn’t this remind you of religion?) Concern about what is technically legal, instead of about what is for the common good, creates an imbalance within society by creating a bias in favour of those best able to exploit legal loopholes, and you’re probably not one of them. (Just think of how politicians whine about benefit cheats, although they were themselves involved in a comparable expenses scandal of their own.)

Meanwhile the rest of us are restricted with ropes of ever-increasing red tape, no matter how pointless they might be.

Though this article touches upon American examples, its easy to think of too many British and EU parallels.

Do you really care what’s legal? I find the idea of being law abiding to be rather silly.

Not the absurdity he thought he was exposing

Mark Stein


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