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American politics is repulsive.

If you were to look at social issues in America, one side is accidentally-on-purpose directed to direct protests onto ludicrous grounds. Look at the way anti-gun campaigners make a fuss over the legality or availability of extreme firearms that aren’t used in crime. Or think how irrelevant partial birth abortion and stem cell research are to the real abortion debate.

If leftists thought about it properly abortion (and its husband, immigration which goes hand in hand with it) is anti-socialist because its used against less affluent communities for the good of big business. Likewise imagine if gun owners were actively deployed against the ‘one percent’, instead of OWS being composed as it was of the smelly hippies, attention seeking queers and 20th century has-beens who hijacked the movement.

Want worker’s rights? Think right wing, become a socialist.

A national socialist…


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Who are the rabble of pisshead football fans really defending?

The only good thing about the EDL mobs is that they help widen a crack in the system. Then again, you can say that about the anti-Semitism of the “British” Moslems themselves.

English Defence League & “Counter-Jihad” Exposed
Åke Blomdahl


“In many countries in Europe opposition to mass immigration is growing, and several nationalist parties have won spots in democratic assemblies. In many cases these so-called nationalist parties have distinguished themselves as highly critical of Muslim immigration and Islamization, while calling themselves “anti-racists” and saying they accept immigration if the migrants adapt themselves to the European host nations’ cultures. The latest development is the so-called “Counter Jihad” movement, with grassroots organizations like the English Defence League, which brings together thousands of young people in spectacular, aggressive demonstrations against Islamization.

In parallel with this, older nationalist parties are demonized and attacked through infiltration and the spreading of rumors. In many places, competing “nationalist” parties have emerged. In England, the British Freedom Party has grown at the British National Party’s expense. In Belgium, the New Flemish Alliance (NVA) has grown at the expense of the Vlaams Belang.

Common to all the new parties is cultural nationalism, aggressive anti-Islamism, and strong support for Israel’s and America’s most aggressive Zionist forces.

We are not lovers of Muslim immigration and Islamization, but there would be major problems with mass immigration even if not a single Muslim came.

What’s going on?”

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One of the weird and perhaps orchestrated things about the outrage over Moslem paedophiles is that it internalises feminist arguments first created against white men, and excuses worthless females from criticisms of their own behaviours.

If we can name and shame the Pakis as ‘rapists’ before they’re convicted, why can’t we name and shame the little bitch crying rape after regretting sex?

Remember this could, and really does, happen to any man.

When you read the following remember the girls are supposed to be innocent ‘victims’ of ‘rape’ gangs. Butter wouldn’t melt.

Oxford exploitation trial: Girl was ‘off her head’ on drugs

A 14-year-old girl woke up naked in a bed with two men but cannot remember what happened, a court heard.

The witness, now 16, was giving evidence at the trial of nine men accused of grooming children and exploiting them for sex in Oxford.

She told the Old Bailey she was “off her head” on drugs and alcohol during the incident, in December 2011.

The men, from Oxford and Berkshire, deny 51 offences including rape and trafficking from 2004 to 2012.”

She told jurors she was “disgusted” with herself for having sex with men but felt she could not refuse.”

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Though he’s more famous for inventing the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey once said that when debates become politicised into ‘us versus them’ mentality, the debate itself becomes more important to people than finding a solution and free thinking, Third Side opinions become suppressed as a result.

Not surprisingly my habit of calling the bluff of phonies got be banned from Life Site News, when I questioned the morality of Jesus Christ, who allegedly saves foetus killers whenever they choose to say sorry, but never helps blameless women in this world who are childless through no fault of their own – though of course if they pray hard enough they might go to heaven with a bunch of baby killers, because they did nothing worse in Christ’s eyes, since he forgives anyone who prays to him you see. It probably wasn’t quite as offensive for them when I pointed out the bioethical and moral hypocrisy of western ‘right to lifers’ criticising China’s enforced abortion policy alongside reproductive choice campaigners like Hilary Clinton – the people who are most outspokenly supportive of the western attitude that children’s lives are something to be thrown away like trash to suit their mummy’s lifestyle choice.

On a similar note I went to the Raw Story site just two days ago, and I left four comments before I left – a wisecrack about a fatal defecation accident, a piece of commentary about the Sandy Hook shooting and two criticisms of pro-choice hypocrites. Can you guess which two got censored?

The great thing about teh internets is, as long as you’re not banned, you can always leave another comment as a replacement eh?

Rush Limbaugh Incites Violence Against Women Seeking Abortion
Amanda Marcotte


“One of my comments is missing, was it cause you can’t respond to a conservative who isn’t an idiot? Because I’m sure it was here two days ago.

What really pissed someone off is my pointing out that ‘right to lifers’ aren’t anti-woman, they actually act as though the sun shines from every vagina. They show sympathy whenever they’re talking about the harm abortion does to women *through their own choices*, but still say nothing about the harm *women’s choices* can do to men like Robbie Williams. Never once do they advocate that men should have a right to sue for any psychological harm following a woman’s *choice* – or even his right to know about a pregnancy, though a man still might have to pay backpayments for a child he knew nothing about.

The absurdity of the ‘right to lifers’ isn’t right wing extremism but the mating of Red State and Blue State values to create their absurd social movement as an offspring. The same goes for the disgusting pro-choice movement, which hides behind the language of ‘rights’ and ‘equality’ to appeal to people’s white knight complexes, but really pushes an agenda that selfish people deserve to actually be allowed to kill and throw away their own children like waste. But notice they didn’t avoid the unsafe sex that leads to pregnancy, mind – yet we still have to respect their decisions you see, just because they’re all females. Its the selfishness of adults in a consumerist, hedonistic and narcissistic society and most females don’t really benefit from it because we don’t even get into such positions.

Early birth control activists like Sanger opposed abortion but such positions were dropped once the lunatic feminist fringe hijacked and took over the birth control movement to push the issue as a hate movement against men, setting up reproductive rights to be so one sided. It doesn’t even help most women – in the long run its only helped men who treat women like shit, who want bareback sex without consequences and not to take the responsibility of supporting the woman – such a man is actually seen as ‘respecting her decision’ if he gets off the hook then gets to do it again to someone else, instead of being castrated.

And if most people who support liberalised abortion do so for altruistic feelings for those having abortions, why was the message of Freakonomics so popular? Even after that particular chapter in that book was debunked, people still want to believe its nasty message that entire communities of people most troubled by crime should be wiped out by an abortion holocaust, instead of society fixing the underlying social problems. Everything about pro-choice is sick from any kind of socialistic perspective.”

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