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Unless Greg Cochran is guilty of grossly and unfairly misrepresenting his fellow anthropologist John Shea, this is one of the most absurd claims I have ever seen coming out of academia. Of course there are cognitive differences between humans and fossil hominins because the size and structure of hominin brains can be observed to have changed over time. naturally, from this it is possible to infer that differences in cognition and also behaviour existed, despite the fact that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Of course evolution is a fluid and ongoing process, therefore there cannot be a single point at which ‘non-modern’ became ‘modern’ nor where ‘non-human’ became ‘human’. All of the genetic mutations and phenotypic characters shared by all people today to the exclusion of chimps or extinct neanderthals, no more ‘made us human’ than those we share with lemurs to the exclusion of tree shrews, or with reptiles to the exclusion of amphibians. There simply exists no cut off point where human essence or nature begins, ergo people asking ‘What makes us human?’ is simply their desire to create an origins myth to fill the gaps after the death of god. (Hence words like ‘African Eve’.)

And yet, we are still expected to sideline our actual best interests on moral grounds such as ‘human rights’ rooted in the ideal of ‘one human race’.

Unchanging Essence
Greg Cochran

“Shea seems to think that a species – in particular, anatomically modern humans – is some kind of Platonic type and has an unchanging essence. So if all humans are ‘behaviorally modern’ today (they have to be, whether they are or not), surely they were 200,000 years ago as well. Those Australians are just pretending to have 15% smaller brains, while the Ashkenazi Jews are just pretending to be smart.”

“If the inner nature of a species stays always the same, where did anatomically modern humans come from in the first place? Were they found under a cabbage leaf?

Does Shea think that canines have an unchanging essence, so that Pekingese and border collies and timber wolves are all really the same? They really are different. I will stick my hand into a Labrador’s mouth if Shea puts his hand into a pit bull’s mouth.”

“Shea says that no anthropologist in his right mind would think that existing cultural variation among humans had anything to do with genetic differences between existing populations. It will be interesting to discover the alleles that made him say that.”


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The left bitch about clinic bombings, Fred Phelps and the potential threat of domestic terrorism by racially aware whites. But yet the media never reports upon acts of domestic terrorism by leftist fanatics acting in the name of respectable causes such as anti-racism. Sure you’ll find negative press for people like anarchists or the Baader Meinhoff gang or animal rights activists, but never anything naming the ‘good guys’, acting explicitly in the name of liberal single-issue causes, as what they really are.

Explosion in a Golden Dawn office

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Normally I would post a comment left over by a visitor to a site such as TOO. But this single paragraph by Alex Kurtagic is worth posting here, even though the rest of the article only states the obvious about the anti-immigration people.

When was the last time you laughed in the face of equality?

“Humor is the denial of metaphysical importance to that which you laugh at.” – Ayn Rand

The ‘Immigration’ Debate is a Waste of Time
Alex Kurtagic

“Reversing trends begins with discrediting the notion that the individual is ‘liberated’ when severed from the transcendent or from his lineal context; discrediting the notion that equality is a moral good; discrediting the notion that moral principles can be applied universally; and so on. Concepts like ‘human rights’ must be destabilised, doubted, and ridiculed.

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This bizarre and all-round disturbing news item demonstrates pretty well what some observers have described as the marriage of Red State and Blue State values is America and the wider Anglosphere. Whilst the hypocrisies of the mainstream political left are causing them to fall apart from within, the values most commonly associated with either liberals or conservatives (Democrats or Republicans) become mixed together as novel combinations, although the divide between white elites and nonelites nonetheless remains.

Although in fairness neither the choicetards nor the pro-family people see this sick shit as desirable, it’s still nonetheless the outcome of their own stupidities – I can’t help but notice that parental authority here leads to a moral justification of abortion, because the value system of parents raised in a pig system conditioned them to see abortion as an acceptable solution to a problem. And also that in a feminist society of gender equality in work and education, where parents tend to treat their daughters like sons (in terms of expectations), abortion is used to prevent and discourage motherhood – as if we didn’t realise that much already. The parents who oppose their daughter’s pregnancy at the age of 16 would nonetheless prefer her to pursue a career, till her contributions to society leave her both single and childless at the age of 40, and trying in vain to grow a brat on a petri dish.

Among our urban elites of anti-white leftists and metropolitan ‘conservatives’, Cultural Marxist innovations such as pro-choice and gay marriage are actually becoming fused to parental over-investment and self-righteous judgments against people such as single mothers or young parents – a combination that makes a lot of sense given the left’s own moralising tendencies – and also preserving the trappings of a formerly healthy culture, now that they have of course safely perverted them into something toxic. For example, now that legal marriage is nothing but a feminist means to control men,its not surprising that urban whites are now increasingly supportive of marriage (especially for homosexuals of course). And of course its the same phenomenon with the idea of pressuring your kids to get good grades in some politically hijacked institution. Why would anyone want their kids to do that, except to have them take part in a corrupt society?

Pregnant teen sues parents over abortion
Courtney Zavala

In case your wondering why metropolitan people think the way they do, this link might be of interest.

Unequal Genes: A Review Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life
Richard Hoste

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One of the things about the internet is its a gateway into strange worlds and perspectives you never believed existed. One such site is Jezebel, a world of bizarre feminist opinions that actually seems like a parody of feminism rather than a real feminist site.

Take for example this piece, about one of my favourite subjects to blog about – abortion. I’m not sure this far-out piece is actually for real, but still, I left a cracking comment as usual because there are ‘liberated’ urban females who really, actually do think that that, even if they aren’t so up front about it. I left the comment below is left as a response to the sentence – “One of the perks (well, side effects) of writing publicly and frequently about how women should be able to control what happens inside their own skin is that every time a friend gets knocked up and wants to end her pregnancy, she ends up confiding in me, a person she knows will not tell her she’s going to hell for choosing abortion.”

Have fun…

What’s the Best Age to Have an Abortion?
Erin Gloria Ryan

“Really? Cause where I’m from, only druggies and alcies have abortions and anyone who does so is seen as a slag. (Then again working class British females aren’t brainwashed by university and urban lifestyles.) And most females somehow manage not to have undesirable pregnancies in the first place.

Drug addicts, alcoholics, ‘liberated’ women with penis envy who no man wants when they’re still single at age 40… people no one wants to breed in the first place.

People behave as though the public believes in values like ‘reproductive rights’ when they express support for abortion, but as we see from the popularity of Freakonomics, that’s not the reason why.

In real life people only support abortion in the hope that life’s shit will flush itself away.”

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Should we really be worried about eugenics in China, as suggested by Geoffrey Miller in a recent and very controversial Edge piece? There’s been some really interesting comments over at TOO, and a rebuttal by Peter Frost. Below, I’ve quoted extracts from Peter Frost’s refutation of Miller, and the best comments left over at TOO.

Eugenics is simply the word used for the science of stock breeding when it becomes applied to humans, and in itself doesn’t imply a controversial means such as abortion, enforced sterilisation or the euthanasia of those unfortunates deemed congenitally undesirable.

But remember that in our political climate, the first target of negative eugenics would certainly be hereditary predispositions towards ‘racism’, ‘sexism’ or ‘homophobia’ among able bodied whites.

Chinese eugenics, 2013 : What should we be worried about?
Geoffrey Miller

Seeing China plain
Peter Frost

“The author, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller, sees this eugenics program in the one-child policy, which serves “partly to curtail China’s population explosion, but also to reduce dysgenic fertility among rural peasants,” presumably because the best and the brightest migrate to the cities. Furthermore, to the extent that the best and the brightest are wealthier, they’re also better able to pay the fine for having a second child.

But Miller overlooks the weaker enforcement of this policy in rural areas. If the first-born in a farming family is a girl, they’re allowed to have another child. This might be why the fertility rate is higher in China’s rural areas, although it’s questionable whether the one-child policy has much effect at all. The fertility rate is actually higher in China (1.55) than in Taiwan (1.06) or Singapore (1.2), neither of which tries to limit family size.”

“As he notes further on, the word “eugenic” corresponds here to the Chinese term yousheng, literally “good birth.” The idea here, however, is not to create a new superhuman, but rather to maintain the current quality of the gene pool. A better English translation would be “anti-dysgenic.”

“An analogy can be made here with the current view that East Asian societies are “ultranationalistic”—a view seldom expressed a half-century ago when national sentiment was thought to be normal and even healthy. Since then, they haven’t diverged from us. We’ve diverged from them. Remember, we observe other human societies from a moving frame of reference, and this perspective creates the illusion that some societies are becoming more extreme, more religious, or more xenophobic.

In reality, China has no eugenics program. It has a population program that may have anti-dysgenic effects. Moreover, a truly anti-dysgenic program would apply to everyone, yet the one-child policy is applied only in part to peasants and not at all to non-Han Chinese.

“And then there’s immigration. In official discourse, China carefully screens its newcomers, letting in only the best and the brightest (Pieke, 2012). In reality, most immigrants enter the country illegally or on visitor visas to fill low-paying jobs…”

“The looming scarcity of labor could lead to higher wages and greater reliance on automation and robotization. Or it could lead to a growing influx of cheaply paid immigrant labor. To date, China seems to be moving down the second path…”

There has also been an influx of sub-Saharan Africans, who number an estimated 200,000 in Guangzhou alone, in addition to a growing presence in Hong Kong, Macao, Yiwu, Shanghai, and Beijing (Bodomo, 2012; Li etal., 2007). Most come to China as immigrants, and not as transients…”

“The African influx will probably continue to “happen” through irregular means. Eventually, it will be regularized as a fait accompli. Indeed, some are already arguing that such immigration must be legally recognized in order to manage it better…”

“For Geoffrey Miller, China acts with a view to the longer term, especially when deciding the future of its population, i.e., the basis of its society and economy. In contrast, the West acts “stupidly and shortsightedly.”

The real picture is less flattering to the Chinese and is, in fact, depressingly familiar. As in the West, population policy is dominated by short and medium term needs, even though today’s decisions have long-term consequences that will be hard to reverse.

Like its Western counterparts, the Chinese business community feels entitled to cheap labor and will lobby hard to preserve this “right” as the pool of homegrown labor shrinks. Although the average Chinese worker would gain from higher wages and a more capital-intensive economy, such a change would be costly for existing businesses, many of which would lose market share or go bankrupt. A tempting solution will be to keep wages low by letting in people who will work at those wages.

And keeping such people out will be diplomatically difficult. Their home countries are usually the same ones that increasingly supply China with food and valuable raw materials. Fear of economic reprisals will force policy-makers to treat this issue with kid gloves.

The Big Questions: Eugenics and Ethno-States
Kevin MacDonald

“One other comment, before we start quaking before our Han-ish masters, the one-childe policy is extremely arbitrarily enforced–one wonders just how effective any eugenics practices there might be.”

“Even if I support the eugenic idea, I find it hard to determine the right criteria for eugenic practices. Many bourgeois and aristocratic elites in Europe have been intermarrying for centuries (presumably rich and intelligent people). They brought us, e.g., philosophers and scientists promoting moral universalism.

“I am not as sure that we need massive numbers of intelligent people and I suspect that as suggested in Coming Apart by Charles Murray our brightest are intermarrying to a greater extent than in the past. The trouble is that we are having fewer children.

I would support free sterilization and make forced sterilization a condition for welfare after two children. I would also consider it for any mother who allows her child to be severely hurt or killed by anyone in the household.”

“I don’t think that overpopulation is a threat all over the world, only some Muslim and Sub-Saharan countries. Also maybe some cramped mega cities.”

“There is a strong link between psychosis and creativity. I do not think the Chinese will be able to turn in the long term a more creative and smart with this kind of eugenics.

We do have, in effect, pseudo-eugenics programs in this country (United States), but they are peculiar in that they are, like everything else here, the product of corporate interests and a consumer mentality. It’s needless to point out the irony that this depraved cultural institution functions primarily in the Jewish-created sphere of the Left. Obviously, I am alluding to the practice of sperm/egg “donation” and test-tube baby production. Faggots, queers, dykes, trannies, and all sorts of other mentally challenged individuals now have, sanctioned by Jews and their depraved cohorts, the ability to “shop” for children. Samples are not accepted from women or men who do not meet extremely high criteria of mental and physical performance. Your typical dyke or faggot — who, by virtue of the laws of nature shouldn’t even be alive, and according to virtually every system of measurement in history should be at the very least locked up in an institution receiving treatment — literally goes shopping for their child. That’s right, the Jews, homos, queers and all the filth whine incessantly about elitism, moral universalism, equality (literally a leveling), etc. then turn around and in the most elite but purile manner select seed based on specific mental and physical characteristics.

“I’m for some form of eugenics but would not necessarily emphasize IQ because there are other positive attributes that need to be retained such as strength, mental stability, resourcefulness, and others. Filtering for IQ might create a population of neurotics and sociopaths. Besides, I don’t IQ is our problem. It didn’t keep us whites from failing to protect our culture and race.

“What we need is our own state, with our own media, then a 3x child policy so we are always growing and expanding.”

“The Nazis are going to take over the world!!! The Commies are going to take over the world!!! The Japanese are going to take over the world!!! The Muslims are going to take over the world!!!

And now…the Chinese are going to breed themselves smarter than us and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Anyone who acts like this should be ashamed of himself.

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Comment service provider ‘Dan84iel’ makes a very astute observation about a recent acid attack upon a young black girl by a Moslem down in London.

The Faceless City: London celebrates its greatest strength yet again
Colin Liddell

“I guess you could call it “random” from a certain point of view (as Obi-Wan would have it), but the presence of hostile immigrant communities in Britain is anything, but random. It was been a deliberate policy of the Labour party, with the full complicity of the Tories, to import en mass third world immigrants (a significant portion of them being Mohammedans) with the cynical purpose of shoring up their political hegemony (as they could not count on native Brits to indefinitely support their own cultural and racial obliteration).

An acid attack by a Muslim woman on some slutty, liberated feminist is hardly surprising in modern, multicultural Britain then. Muslim clerics have been whipping up hysteria and inciting violence in Britain, with the utter indifference of British police and politicians, for years. Muslim gangs have been reported to be already enforcing shariah regulations in Muslim dominated parts of London. Acid attacks, as are already common among Muslim in Pakistan and Afghanistan, are only the next expected step.

This poor woman, who will likely spend the rest of her life disfigured, and those shocked at the vicious assault on her will however continue to remain willfully clueless as to how multiculturalism, mass immigration, and Labour pandering to Muslims made this crime and countless others like it possible. Instead, they will continue to be horrified by Muslim threats and violence, all the while denouncing those who would seek to end and reverse Muslim and other third world immigration as fascists.

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A lot of people don’t know how to format the text in their Disqus comments properly, so here for reference is a list of matching tags. Notice how matching tags work – before the text enter the code as letters and after the text you want to format, enter the same text with an upslash as .

a defines an anchor
b defines bold text
blockquote defines a block quotation
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cite defines a citation
code defines computer code text
i defines italic text
p defines a paragraph
pre defines preformatted text
q defines a short quotation
samp defines sample computer code text
span defines a section in a document
s defines strikethrough text
strike defines strikethrough text
strong defines strong text
u defines underline text

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Has HBD become an unscientific mirror image of the difference deniers?

Blogger ‘Udolpho’ has noticed this too back in 2012.

“Weird and stupid HBDism. Genes surely have some influence, but how can you be so blockheaded not to see the very large influence of culture, peers, economic conditions, even accident (including single parenthood)? Genes do a good job of explaining group differences, but the reliance on them as THE explanation for all outcomes is quite strained.

What HBDers say is often stupid, but is it really so weird when one of them says something stupid as to which you can imagine Udolpho was replying? I mean these are the people who think blacks are too stupid to use a rubber because their IQ is too low. Actually this kind of stupidity reminds me of choicetards insisting that people need more educating about contraception – when in fact everyone at school knows what a condom is and where to find them, thanks to the feminist-related agendas being rammed down kids throats. This is an equally absurd mirror image of the kind of leftist who thinks race does not exist.

Its a shame those ‘Inside the HBD cult’ blog posts are pseudo-psychological gibberish, cause they still touch upon real problems within the HBD movement.

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Cousin marriage isn’t practiced in exogamous European societies on the same scale as in such places as the Moslem world, but in addition to the practice of cousin marriages among European aristocracy, its also practiced especially by rural whites. As such, its become a target of urban whites who hold a grudge against ‘implicit whiteness’, especially in North America where people hate rednecks and banjos.

Exogamous kinship structures are associated with individualistic attitudes whilst endogamous marriage facilitates interpersonal co operation, because whenever people share more ancestry together they share a closer genetic interest to one another.

I simply don’t see anything like Western ethnomasochism, reproductive choice or feminism in places such as the Moslem world, do you? If these cancers were ultimately enabled by a reproductive system that backfired on us then more cousin marriage would have prevented the modern, open, and free society we suffer from.

Why Ban Cousin Marriages?
Dr. Faheem Younus

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