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Anti-‘racists’ say there should be no white countries
Anti-‘racists’ say there should be no white towns, neighbourhoods or communities
Anti-‘racists’ say there should be no white schools, universities or classes 
Anti-‘racists’ say there should be no white sports teams

Can anything be white except white guilt?

Anti-‘racism’ is another word for anti-white, and ‘racism’ is a value judgement upon white ethnic interests. Or more rarely to demonise a race by comparing them to white people (for example, the left speak of Japanese ‘racism’ during WW2), because anti-‘racism’ is only the silly, kneejerk aversion to whiteness.

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If we must tolerate things we see as animal abuse simply because “a tolerant society must respect the religious beliefs of different faiths”, then we must ask ourselves what else we must tolerate next. African muti killings? Or why must we restrict tolerance to matters of religion – why not honor killings or female circumcision?

The views for and against all these things – ritual animal slaughter, muti killings, honour killings, female genital mutilation – are all cultural value judgements. If the British value judgement is against all of these things, then our culture needs not tolerate them being practiced by immigrants, and those British elites making excuses for kosher and halal ritualised slaughter are as out of touch with us as the immigrants themselves.

Slaughtering Animals Without Prior Stunning Should Be Curbed, If Not Banned, Professor Urges

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